Academic Council

Academic Council of Lithuania Business College – is the highest academic self-governmental institution.

The Academic Council consists of founders of the institution, members and academic staff from other study and education institutions. Every study field is representing by no less than one scientist. Student Association delegates students’ representatives.

Prof. Dr. Angelė Lileikienė is the chairman of Lithuania Business College Academic Council

Members of LBC Academic Council:

  • Assoc. prof. dr. Genovaitė Avižonienė – LBC co-founder;
  • Assoc. prof. dr. Jurgita Martinkienė – Director of LBC;
  • Assoc. prof. dr. Šarūnas Banevičius – Head of Tourism and Communication Department;
  • Assoc. prof. Jovita Einikienė – lecturer at the Law Department;
  • Assoc. prof. Regina Narkienė – Head of Management Department;
  • Assoc. prof. dr. Kristina Puleikienė – Deputy Director of LBC for Studies and Quality;
  • Assoc. prof. dr. Simona Grigaliūnienė – Head of Technology department, Head of Department of Scientific-Applied Research;
  • Prof. Dr. Valentinas Navickas – lecturer at Kaunas University of Technology, School of Economics and Business;
  • Vaida Raugelė – Vice Mayor of Klaipėda City Municipality;
  • Vilius Bočkus – president of LBC Student Association.