Program content

General subjects:

Foreign Language I, Foreign Language II
Communication Psychology
Principles of Law
Occupational Health and Safety

Study field subjects:

Information Technology
Programming C/C++
Computer Graphics and Design (Photoshop CC, InDesign CC)
Website Programming (HTML5, CSS3, principles of JavaScript, WordPress)
Basics of Logic and Discrete Mathematic
Classic and Modern Operation Systems
Object-oriented Programming
Computer Statistics
Programming php
Computers Hardware
Computer Network and IS Security
3D Design and Animation (3ds Max)
Computers Architecture
Software Engineering
Data Structures and Algorithms
Embedded Systems
Virtualization and Cloud Computing
IT Project Management
Portfolio and Career Planning
Specialization Course Work
Final Thesis

Web Development specialization subjects:

Front-end Web Development
Back-end Web Development
Web Services
IS Design and CASE Technologies

Mobile Application Development specialization subjects:

Mobile Application Development
Hybrid Mobile Application Development
Web Services
Internet of Things

Computer Network Administration specialization subjects:

Computer Network Technologies
Switching and Routing
Connecting Networks
Computer Network Security


Introductory Practice (6 cr.) – performed in the College
Training Practice (9 cr.) – performed in a company
Professional Practice (15 cr.) – performed in a company

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