Smart Management

Study field: Management

Study form and duration: full-time, 3 years

Qualification degree: professional bachelor qualification in Management

State code: 6531LX027



The objective of the Smart management study programme – study programme designed to prepare qualified professional bachelor of business management professionals who are able to adapt to the changing business environment, today’s labor market requirements, understanding the challenges of Internet and global communications development in today’s society, their impact on management environments and management processes, able to apply professional thinking and integrated scientific knowledge transforming business management, responding adequately to these challenges, adopting innovative solutions that enhance competitive advantage and enterprise value, effectively manage business processes with optimal smart performance management models, smart Internet technologies and new global communications capabilities, and develop and successfully develop new smart organizations.





  • Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing Tools, Social Networking & Media Marketing Processes, Marketing Digitization, Smart Neuro-Marketing.
  • Sustainable Project Management – Creative Processes in Project Management, Project Finance & Quality Management, International Project Management, Green & Blue Project Management.

The main field of study subjects – 148 credits (including practicum).


General subjects:

  • Foreign Language I, Foreign Language II
  • Communication Psychology
  • Smart mathematical solutions
  • Applied Management Philosophy (Sociology)

Study field subjects:

  • Formal communication
  • Formal English
  • Document Management Systems
  • Modern Economic Theory
  • Smart leadership
  • Organization image and online consumer behavior
  • Application of smart technologies
  • Research methodology and data analysis
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Employees safety and Health
  • Practical Law in Management
  • Business Law
  • Business Relationship Culture
  • Corporate Economy
  • Human Resource Management
  • The basics of smart management
  • Fundamentals of Applied Accounting
  • Sustainable Production Management
  • Basics of Marketing
  • Digital entrepreneurship
  • Integrated logistics
  • Management decisions
  • Systematic quality management

Digital Marketing specialization subjects:

  • Digital marketing tools
  • Social networking and media marketing processes
  • Digitization of marketing
  • Smart neuro-marketing

Sustainable Projects Management specialization subjects:

  • Creative processes in project management
  • Financial and quality management of projects
  • International project management
  • Management of green and blue projects


  • Introductory Practice (6 cr.) – performed in the College
  • Training Practice (9 cr.) – performed in a company
  • Professional Practice (15 cr.) – performed in a company


After the studies the graduates will be able to:

  • Create business
  • Organize and analyze business activities
  • Take care of business development
  • Lead the staff
  • Develop investment projects and contracts
  • Manage business documentation

Career opportunities:

Graduates are useful to Lithuanian and foreign business units for various levels of management who are setting up and / or managing their businesses. Various certificates of Lithuanian business organization, representations of foreign companies and state institutions, knowledge gained during the study programme about universities and specific knowledge, used for indebtedness in the competitive business world.

Further study opportunities:

Graduates can get credits for  the study results, if  they want to study in university undergraduate programmes. After completing supplementary studies or meeting the requirements of other higher education institutions, they have the right to enroll in post-graduate master’s studies.


Study programme learning outcomes (after graduating from the studies, a person):

  • Knows and understands the essential concepts of management studies, understands the development of business administration, management science theory and practice, interacts with other sciences, applies smart technologies.
  • Knows management concepts and is able to apply acquired knowledge to tactical and strategic business decisions, effectively integrates business data and utilizes smart information technology.
  • Knows EU laws, directives and regulations as well as legal acts regulating business activities adopted by Lithuanian institutions.
  • Knows about use of information systems, management of data arrays, practically uses smart technologies, software and computer software.
  • Ability to identify problems, critically evaluate them, analyze information, use business information systems, provide them with solutions.
  • Ability to analyze business resources and elements of external competitive environment and interpret them for future projections, use smart technologies and interactive visuals and technologies to express the results obtained and achieved.
  • Ability to perform analytical work using smart technologies, apply research methodology and carry out research on marketing, weaknesses and strengths of organizations, reflect on acquired knowledge and experience, anticipate directions of improvement, prepare and present research report.
  • Able to purposefully use and manage information in planning, organizing, directing, controlling business processes, executing individual and group projects.
  • Ability to independently identify innovation benefits, initiate positive changes in the organization, apply communications.
  • Able to plan and apply human resources management principles in an organization by installing (using) intranet software.
  • Ability to understand digital marketing processes, manage search engine optimization, social networking, mobile media and create and apply electronic content based on marketing strategies.
  • Able to organize creative processes and apply them both in managing and participating in managing sustainable projects.
  • Ability to identify ethical and multicultural dilemmas, apply socially responsible knowledge of internet technologies, use social networks to manage organizations, develop forms of electronic participation, reducing social exclusion.
  • Ability to assess social, cultural, economic and political indicators and changes in public life responsibly, and to make decisions based on ethical, legal, social, economic and security considerations.
  • Ability to express reasonably and fluently words in written and spoken correct Lithuanian and at least one foreign language, to present their ideas publicly, to participate in debates, to critically evaluate their decisions in the context of social life of organizations.
  • Able to promote leadership and teamwork both directly and through virtual workgroups remotely, share results using smart technologies and interactive visuals based on the principles of social responsibility and citizenship.
  • Is able to think critically and evaluate different arguments, apply the principles of smart and deductive logic, develop personal competences.
  • Ability to learn independently in one’s professional sphere, to continuously improve professional skills, to understand the importance of lifelong learning, moral responsibility for the impact of one’s activity and its results on society.


Tuition fee per year, Full-time studies (EUR) – 3500€

Registration fee – 100€.


1. Persons only with diploma of secondary education/or relevant can apply for studies in Lithuania Business College (LBC). Diploma of secondary education gained in international country must be certificated with by Apostille by Consulate. The studies are open to any age group.
2. LBC provides full time studies for international students in English and Russian languages.

3. Student must pass the English language verification procedure: first of all provide English language proficiency certificate (copy), his/her English language skills are tested at the embassy by submitting documents during the interview, continue to pass the English language proficiency test with a representative from the admissions committee of LBC during a distance interview, and the student’s English language skills are tested by a foreign language English teacher by completing a motivation letter for the student. Final student English language proficiency has to be non-less than level B.


Submitting the application form and registration of documents:
✓ Application form
✓ Secondary education diploma and supplement (original and copy)
✓ Diploma and copy of supplement (if you have, from any other educational institution)
✓ Diploma of education in international country must be certificated by apostille by consulate
✓ English language certificate (copy);
✓ Personal identification card or passport (original and copy of page with photo and personal data)

For the recognition letter, the students have to send the required documents directly to Lithuania Business College by emailing [email protected];

Admission to the state non-funded studies is taking place now.

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