Students experience

Maria Laguna
Erasmus+ student from Spain

Well, what could I say about my internship at LBC in Klaipeda… Actually, I would not have words to describe how I have felt these months. It is true that before coming I was afraid to leave my family and friends… In short, to leave my comfort zone and develop as a person. Living away from home was an exciting experience, but at the same time it created insecurity for me to know how I would be here, in a different country where I did not know anyone and had to start from scratch. But for me, expectations have exceeded reality. People are very sociable and I have felt welcomed from day one. Therefore, from the day I arrived, I decided to make the most of this experience. Thanks to each of the people I have met, talks, events, workshops … and especially to my mentor, Samanta, for making me feel at home. Thank you for making each moment something unique, for brightening my days and making me so happy. This opportunity has made me learn a lot about myself and about others. Now I keep these memories deep in my heart. A part of me stays here.

Bahrican YALÇIN
Erasmus+ student from Turkey

Hi, I am an Erasmus+ student in Lithuania Business College. And my Erasmus+ experience was very good and I really enjoyed to be here. The teachers were very helpful and really tried to teach us. I think you should come here definitely. ­čÖé

Elif Naz Civan - Karadeniz Technical University
Erasmus+ student from Turkey

This is my second Erasmus+ but I can say the best Erasmus+ I felt like myself in my home and I felt so comfortable I met great people great teachers and friends. I loved Lithuania Business College, staff and also the dormitory with amazing view to the sea!

Anna Lena
Erasmus+ student from Germany

My Erasmus+ experience at the Lithuania Business College was great! The lectures Marketing, Image of organization, International Business and Basic of Communication were quite interesting and all lecturer had a broad knowledge. For Basic of Communication we had an Expert from the UK. There is also enough time to travel through Lithuania and the rest of the Baltic. An advantage of the small port city Klaipeda is the beach and the Curonian Spit. A big thanks goes to our mentor Samanta Simonavi─Ź─Ś, she did everything to make my Erasmus+ time memorable!

Maria J. Sousa
Erasmus+ student from Portugal

Klaipeda, Lithuania … Firstly the thing that surprised me the most was the beach, just because I was not at all expecting that kind of beach here, the sunset is the best, even it will be cold there I wanna go anyway. The city of Klaipeda is really beautiful, because of the architecture and it is really clean.
It is a little difficult to understand some people like the oldest, because they do not speak English, but at the same time it is a challenge for all of us, because we need to talk with each other, so we need to get another way to explain and learn other languages too.
I am enjoying this experience too, because I can pursue my dream of traveling to a lot of countries, mainly Poland and Czech Republic, Latvia, and improve my English and myself too.

Jacqueline Dumdei - Albstadt-Sigmaringen University
Erasmus+ student from Germany

The Erasmus+ program in Klaipeda is exciting and good organized. When we all arrived in Lithuania our mentors helped us to find our dorm easily and they welcomed us very friendly.

All mentors keep us busy with different kind of activities. In addition, there are a couple of organized trips or events during weekends. Our dormitory is well located. Our College is in walking distance of the old town, so we also have a lot of shops around to buy food or whatever you need. The best thing is, we can reach the beach by bus within 10 minutes or by ferry (maybe 30 minutes by walking to the ferry). Furthermore, we have a park near our dormitory where we can climb in the trees. Or others like to have a run in this park which is beautiful and when you go a bit further you will find an unexpected huge and nice forest. Of course, Klaipeda has more opportunities for staying busy.

All in all, I had a lot of things to do during our studies.

Ali Furkan
Erasmus+ traineeship from Turkey

I enjoyed and learned too many different things while having internship. All employees were very kind and sincere to me, i felt like have a second family here. College location is at the Old Town which is heart of the city. I had amazing times on Old Town and had amazing memories . Definitely will visit this city again!

Muhammed Emin ├ľzdo─čan
Erasmus+ traineeship from Turkey

LBC is a great College with nice staff. Also Klaip─Śda is a nice city to be in. I’m glad I completed my trainership there. Everybody was so kind, friendly and helpful. Now I have good friends, memories and experience.

Mert Kartal Ozsahin
Erasmus+ student from Turkey

One of the most beautiful schools I would recommend for Erasmus+ Program. Teachers and staff are very friendly and sincere. All Erasmus+ students will be very advanced in education.

Ezgi Kara
Erasmus+ student from Turkey

Erasmus+ was magic travel which made our dreams came true, Erasmus+ program gave us a chance to come to Europe, meet international students from all over the world.

Mustafa Kalkan
Erasmus+ student from Turkey

Lithuania Business College ┼čehrin merkezinde ver ├žok rahat ├ž├╝nk├╝ ┼čehirdeki bir ├žok yere yak─▒n. Hemen hemen herg├╝n okuldan sonra Old TownÔÇÖda k─▒sa y├╝r├╝y├╝┼čler yap─▒p , herhangi bir kafeye girip lezzetli bir kahve e┼čli─činde stret atabiliyoruz.

Ozgul Yalin
Erasmus+ student from Hatay, Turkey

We learned a lot of new things during the lectures and I am sure that it would be helpful for us in our business career. If you are planning to study in Klaip─Śda, I can truly say that you won’t regret studying here.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ERG├ťN - Giresun University Bulancak Kadir Karaba┼č School of Applied Sciences
Erasmus+ staff from Turkey

When I applied to Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching in 2020, I received invitations from 2 Universities and I preferred Lithuania Business College. The reason I chose it was that Samanta responded quickly to all my questions and offered solutions. Due to the pandemic, I was able to attend the staff week in May 2022. I had a very good week with over 30 academics from 10 countries. First of all, I would like to thank all the Lithuania Business College family, especially Samanta, who made this organization very nice. I will never forget this week full of training, excursions, lunch and dinner meetings for the rest of my life.

p.s. “I love Klaipeda.”

Lecturer Devrim Zereng├Âk - Manisa Celal Bayar University
Erasmus+ staff from Turkey

The staff week held in Klaipeda was my first experience. I have been to many many partner visits, conferences or small partner gatherings before but the staff week was the first one I have attended. I should specify that this organization of LBC, their management team and international office coordinators and staff has raised the bar of that kind, and I will be looking forward to see similar successful organizations like that.

I would like to express our satisfaction for everyone at LBC to make this week memorable, full of network and collaboration opportunities. It was fully and well integrated with academic, social and cultural aspects. Finally, I would like to specify that there is a warrior in every institution, who stand front, acts as a choirmaster of a perfect team, that was Samanta Simonavi─Ź─Ś. Many thanks for all the efforts she made to make this week well organized. And many thanks to the Management Team of LBC who hosted this week perfectly.

Assoc. Prof. Mine Binis - Bal─▒kesir University
Erasmus+ staff from Turkey

It was a pleasure for me to be with you as a colleague in Erasmus+ Staff Week. It was an unforgettable week for me. I have collected many beautiful memories. I also provided a lot of useful information for my academic life. Everything was awesome.
With all my heart thank you for everything. And also thanks to Lithuania Business College for hospitality.

Prof. Cvetanka Ristova Maglovska - Goce Delcev University of Stip
Erasmus+ staff from Macedonia

After more than two years of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the Erasmus+ staff mobility in Klaipeda was the perfect occasion for me to reconnect with colleagues from all around the world. Lithuania Business College provided me with a priceless opportunity to participate in a learning and teaching approach exchange. I can say that I gained new perspectives and a sense of belonging to a global community as a result of my mobility experience. Developing international abilities and widening the scope of teaching strategies and methodologies are only just a few of the advantages I’ve gained. I’d like to express my gratitude to Lithuania Business College and the International Relations and Projects department for organizing such a fascinating social and intellectual experience, and even more presented me with the chance to discover Klaipeda and Lithuania itself. This staff mobility is a desirable outcome for any professor, teacher, lecturer, Erasmus+ coordinator, or administrative staff who wants to be a part of a program that connects people and communities, shares principles and ideas with people from all over Europe and beyond.

Prof. Jose Paulo Costa - Instituto de Estudos Superiores de Fafe
Erasmus+ staff from Portugal

From my side, wellÔÇŽ no words will express the kindness and grateful to all of you. Without exceptions, you will be welcome to our university any time. Special to Samanta… ONE CLAP for the organization, TWO CLAPÔÇÖs for the amazing work and we CONTINUE TO CLAP for the amazing week and happiest moments that you give to us all!!!!!!

Andrea Llorente - Università Europea di Roma
Erasmus+ staff from Italy

I join my colleagues in thanking you for the amazing Staff Week! The event was flawless organized and managed to perfectly balance academic discussion and networking activities. Hope to see you and all my new colleagues soon!

Prof. Dr. Xinming He - Durham University
Erasmus+ staff from United Kingdom

Thank you very much for working so hard to organise such a fantastic event. I really enjoyed it and had a lot of interactions with participants from a wide range of countries and backgrounds. These would not be possible if without Samanta’s wonderful work and efforts. I know many think the same.

Prof. Dr. iur. Janis Grasis - Rigas Stradins University
Erasmus+ staff from Latvia

Dear colleagues! First of all many thanks to Samanta for well organized week! It was a pleasure to establish a new academic ties!

Prof. Dr. Kutay Oktay - Kastamonu University Turkey
Erasmus+ staff from Portugal

I have attended Erasmus+ Staff Week between 02-06 May 2022 at the Lithuania Business College. In this way, I had the opportunity to meet the beautiful people of this beautiful country. The city of Klaipeda and the College were amazing and everyone hosted us very nicely. We had a very well organized program in a modern and professional educational institution and met colleagues from different countries. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Lithuania Business College and recommend this institution to all international professors and students. Prof. Dr. Kutay OKTAY Kastamonu University Turkey

Ph.D. Antonina Paletska-Iukalo - IT STEP University
Erasmus+ staff from Ukraine

I am so grateful to all of you for making the Staff Week one of the best weeks in my life. It’s an honour to meet people who have their own professional passion and a big and kind heart. You are amazing and you definitely make this world better! I wish you to enjoy everything you have in your life and I really hope to see you again. I have learnt something valuable from each of you and I appreciate it very much. Samanta, thanks a million for such a wonderful organization, warm welcome and that you gave us an opportunity to meet each other. Hope to see you soon! Best wishes, Antonina Paletska-Iukalo Lviv, Ukraine IT STEP University

Antonio Manuel Martins de Almeida - Universidade da Madeira
Erasmus+ staff from Portugal

Dear participants I would like to thank Samanta (and the Lithuania Business College) for a hosting this well organized and very interesting and really unique ERASMUS+ week. All the best for you all, and greetings from Madeira, Ant├│nio Almeida.

Ebrima Jammeh
Erasmus+ student

I chose to study at the Lithuania Business College, in Klaipeda for two Erasmus+ exchange programs because I wanted an excellent education and they provide one of the best quality and flexible education in Europe, during my first semester abroad in 2021, we had an expert from the United States and all our professors were incredibly professional. Klaipeda city was an obvious choice because it is so beautiful and architecturally uniqueÔÇönot to mention that the city has a sea! In Lithuania, people do not engage in small talk and are comfortable with silence. It is one of the countries where I feel at home because nobody judges me there.