Study department

The Deputy Director for Studies at Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences (LBUAS) controls all the study-related issues and the work of the Study Department. The institution develops and implements study policy, professional practice organization policy and the strategy for solving study-related issues at LBUAS. The Deputy Director for Studies coordinates the study process, the process of self-analysis of study programs and study program reports, as well as performs other study-related functions.

The Study Department is a division of LBUAS, responsible for organization and management of study process, participation in development of study process, assessment of the study process and organization of professional practices. The Study Department is a division of LBUAS, which is subordinate to the Deputy Director for Studies at LBUAS.

There are the Study Administrator and the Practice Supervisor working at the Study Department.

Study Administrator creates study schedules, provides students with the information on organization of studies at LBUAS and on the loans granted, issues academic documents, accepts study-related applications from the students and performs other functions, related to study administration. Practice Supervisor manages organization of student practices at LBUAS: finds appropriate places at companies for students to practice at, prepares appropriate documents, as well as organizes processes of student release to places of practice and their reports on the practice.

Contact Information:

Egita Vilkaitienė, 106 room.

Administrator of the Department of Studies

Email: [email protected]
Phone +370 60 973 566

Assoc. prof. Rasa Romerytė-Šereikienė, 304 room.
Practice Supervisor
Email: [email protected]
Phone +370 46 311 099

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