Study program outcomes




THE AIM to prepare qualified managers who would be able to make research and analyse the market of tourism and entertainment business, business environment and its development trends, to create packages of services and to organize their sales, to establish and manage enterprises that provide tourism, entertainment, beauty and wellness services.


1. Knowledge and their application:

1.1. Recognises and understands the key concepts and principles of tourism and entertainment stemming from the basic theories of business and public administration sciences, is able to apply them in practice in the tourism and entertainment industry.

1.2. Knows and understands the general principles of business, management, marketing, law, psychology, geography and other sciences and is able to apply them to ensure development of tourism and entertainment business.

2. Research competence:

2.1. Is able to use analytic and statistic instruments in his/her work, to capitalise on the progress of social and management sciences, to gather and combine qualitative and quantitative data, to forecast the trends of development in tourism and entertainment in the social context.

2.2. Is able to conduct applied research in business management, to apply theories and research methods of management sciences, to analyse, interpret and use information required for professional performance, to formulate conclusions of research, to identify the factors having effect on the tourism development.

3. Special competences:

3.1. Is able to base his/her professional performance on understanding and insight into the ways of functioning of the tourism and leisure industry and its change patterns, to analyse and assess the process and phenomena of tourism and entertainment industry business, to process and assess information.

3.2. Is able to establish, organize and carry out activities of tourism and entertainment entities, to create high-demand products of business services for tourism, leisure and entertainment sectors, understanding the needs of the market and providing prospects.

3.3. Is able to independently make his/her own suggestions on improvement of performance of the tourism and entertainment entities and implementation of innovations, to create media projects, to publicise them on the social media.

3.4.A. Is able to organize tours, excursions addressing the needs of a modern tourist, to book and sell organized tours and individual tourism services.

3.4.B. Is able to work in the environments of the entertainment industries, to create, manage and implement entertainment projects, to publicise them on the social media, and to disseminate information through other channels.

3.4.C. Is able to carry out business activities of wellness, SPA and sports clubs, to create packages of wellness services, to publicise them.

4. Social competences:

4.1. Is able to work in a team, to take responsibility for the quality of his/her own performance or that of his/her subordinates, in his/her professional activities to follow the principles of social justice, sustainable development, environmental and social responsibility, professional ethics and civic engagement, to foster ethno-cultural and inter-cultural relationships.

4.2. Is able to fluently and suggestively express his/her thoughts both verbally and in a written form, to effectively communicate in professional environment in at least one foreign language, to discuss relevant professional issues, strives for development and strengthening of professional skills of a tourism and entertainment specialist. 

5. Personal competences:

5.1. Is able to apply critical approach and reflect upon his/her professional performance, understands the importance of life-long learning.

5.4. Understands moral responsibility for his/her actions and the effect of their outcomes on the society, economic and cultural development, welfare and environment, complies with the tourism ethics principles.

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