A word from the founders

Prof. Dr. Angelė Lileikienė

Lithuania Business College (LBC) celebrated its 25th anniversary. For a young person, 25 is a short period of life. For a higher school, this is an achievement, because it was necessary to survive in the conditions of great competition, mistrust, and establishment. I am glad that LBC has successfully and honorably withstood all the tests: the institution has international accreditation, all 12 study programs have been accredited, student admission has stabilized, high positions in rankings have developed, international student and teacher mobility has developed, business cooperation has been successful. We have done and are doing a lot, and the motto of the 25th anniversary is 25 good works for society.
From the beginning of the activity, all the events that took place in LBC can be divided into 5 most important stages.
1994 In the heat of summer, the permission of the Education Department of Klaipėda City Municipality to provide educational services and train secretaries-rapporteurs was obtained. The start was not easy, we didn’t have the facilities. I am grateful and consider the school the godfather of a.a. Assoc. prof. dr. Vytautas Blūšiai, the then dean of the Faculty of Arts of Klaipėda University, who received him under his roof and even dedicated a room for the Professor to organize the reception. The first lecturers to start working with the admitted 32 students were Assoc. prof. dr. V. Grublienė (Valiulė), a.a.prof. D. Švitra, a.a.prof. dr. A. Seilius, prof. dr. L. Šimanskienė, lecturer R.Piktožienė, lecturer R. Pikturnienė and others.
The school has changed as the laws governing the training of professionals have changed.
After two years of operation, we became the Higher School of Referrals, preparing specialists according to two study programs – Administration of Enterprises and Enterprises and Computer Programming. Graduates of these study programs were in high demand in the job market at the time.
2001 were particularly significant for the educational institution, as we moved on to another stage, the peer review. Having met the quality requirements, we have acquired the status of a higher school – LBC. Since 2001 A binary system of higher education is being established in Lithuania. And we have successfully overcome this stage, starting with 3 study programs, as well as starting part-time studies. After receiving the status of LBC, we also changed the name of the educational institution – from the Higher School of Referents to the Business University of Western Lithuania, thus consolidating the regional nature of the activities. This stage is very important for LBC to establish itself in the higher education system, therefore new study programs are demanded in the labor market, departments supervising these study programs, laboratories, centers, imitation company, social partnership with business enterprises, associations, all Klaipėda region municipalities, Lithuanian and foreign higher education institutions.
An important stage of LBC activity is 2012, when LBC moved to new training premises in the city center after the reconstruction of the building by the decision of the Klaipėda City Municipal Council. This is a successful project for LBC and the city of Klaipeda. LBC activates the life of Klaipeda city, actively participates in Street Music, Festival of Lights, Order of Malta, Christmas Running and other events. In the same year, LBC was one of the first to successfully receive international institutional accreditation, which gives the right to carry out international accreditation of study programs. 2012 4 study programs are accredited. The accreditation process, which started in 2012, will continue successfully next year. Most all study programs have full (6 years) international accreditation.
The successful development of LBC was determined by the people who work in it – personalities. Many of them are LBC graduates. How not to mention the long-term staff of LBC administration today: chief. accountant A. Sedleckienė, long-term head of the Department of Management, currently working as the director of LBC doc. dr. J. Martinkienė, Head of the Department of Economics, currently – Deputy Director for Studies and Quality Assoc. Prof. dr. K. Puleikienė, Head of the Imitation Company Biurometa Assoc. Prof. R. Romerytė-Šereikienė, Head of the Strategic Development and Communication Department M. Vaikšnoras, Assoc. Prof. R. Tamoševičienė, head of the library V. Pipirienė, lecturers: Assoc. prof. habil. dr. V. Denisov, prof. dr. S. Paulausko, Assoc. prof. dr. D. Kiyak, doc. dr. L. Šaltytė-Vaisiauskės, lect. A. Cesiulio, Assoc. prof. dr. L. Šalkauskienė, lect. J. Duoplio, Assoc. prof. dr. A. Giedraitis, lect. V. Eidininkienė, lect. B. Povilianskienė, B. Kazlauskaitė, an employee of the Economy Department, who has been working at LBC for many years. It is impossible not to remember the employees who have recently started working but are leaving a significant mark in the history of LBC: Assoc. prof. R. Šliažienė, lawyer V. Šlajienė, International Relations and Project Manager S. Simonavičė, secretary-rapporteur A.Nazimova, computer network administrator K. Venclovas, study department administrator E. Samulionytė and I. Sirvydaitė and many others. It is only thanks to you, despite all the peripetias, that LBC has a solid foundation today.
An important part of LBC are the graduates we have graduated during this period.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Genovaitė Avižonienė

The aim of Lithuania Business College (LBC) is to train creative, competent specialists, to create conditions for lifelong learning, to carry out applied research necessary for the development of the region, to be an innovative, open, socially active and responsible educational institution recognized internationally, responsive to labor market changes and meeting societal needs.

The most important values ​​for the institution are such harmonious work of the team, attention to the external and internal client, direct communication between students, teachers and administration, correct and objective evaluation, close cooperation with social partners.

The activities of the institution have gained recognition between the employers and the management of Klaipėda city, which provides premises for the activities, thus creating favorable conditions for the creation of a proper study and work infrastructure to achieve the planned operational challenges.

The constant pursuit of positive evaluation of foreign and Lithuanian experts, the high level of employment of graduates, international recognition and recognition are already achievements of the institution, but at the same time they are even greater challenges and aspirations.

We strive for the graduates of LBC to be open to innovation, highly qualified, to continuously improve subject and general competencies, and to be able to nurture and spread humanistic values. The institution coordinates the steps of its activities with the economic and social development of Lithuania, ensures the achieved quality, remaining an integral part of the Lithuanian and European higher education area.