About Klaipėda city

Klaipėda is a vivid city full of joy and entertainment. It has a well developed infrastructure and traffic conditions. Klaipėda is unique for its Old Town which is an outstanding example of German architecture. The city always regains its strength during annual city festivals like the Sea Festival and the Jazz festival. Those festivals attracts crowds of people every year and that is a very significant economic improvement for the city. In Klaipėda it is possible to take an exclusive tour in the “Švyturys” beer brewery where visitors are able to get acquainted with the brewing traditions and process as well as to taste fresh beer coming straight from the brewery. In addition to this, visitors are very welcome on an amber catching and gathering season when they are able to find their own peace of amber in the waves of Baltic sea guided by professionals. Not only the variety of entertainments leaves the impression, but also the number of interesting places to visit like the Theatre square , the Lietuvininkų square, the Aukštoji street, the Didžioji vandens street, the Meridianas vessel, which is known as one of the most beautiful sightseeing places, the Klaipėda Sea museum and dolphinarium, the Museum of Clocks and Watches and, of course, the Melnragė pier, where relaxing in the seaside is available. Despite the day activities, Klaipėda is very lively at night when various night clubs open. Night clubs attract youth from Klaipėda city and its suburb so there is always a vivid uproar at night in Klaipėda which interfuses with the beat of the sea waves sound. Klaipėda is a very charismatic city including a spectacular architecture, majesty of its harbor and original leisure time activities. Bohemian people, white mews and smell of sea will be absorbed for a long time once you come to Klaipėda.