The Bologna Declaration (1999) and the documents of the various conventions related to it clearly emphasize that “quality is an essential condition for trust, relevance, mobility and coherence in the European Higher Education Area” (Salamanca Convention, 2001).

Lithuania Business College is a modern higher education institution that seeks to be open to the public, integrates into the Lithuanian and European education system, focuses its activities on the needs of Klaipeda and Vilnius regions, responds operatively and flexibly to labor market changes and seeks to meet societal needs.

Based on feedback from consumers, we improve our performance and services to meet the ever-increasing needs of our users. We periodically evaluate and improve studies, research and development and other services provided by the College. At the College, we cultivate a culture of quality and we firmly believe that quality depends on the achievement and results of each of our studies – quality is the responsibility of each of us.

We base our cooperation with graduates, employers and other stakeholders on mutual trust. We participate in national and international processes, renewing with future prospects.

The University pays special attention to the quality of studies and its continuous improvement. You can find more detailed information on Study Quality Assurance here.

Institutional Review Report of Lithuania Business College (SKVC, 2021)

Institutional Review Report of Lithuania Business College (SKVC, 2012)

Lithuania Business College Quality, Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy

Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG)

Institutional Review Report of Lithuania Business College

Lithuania Business College has been recognized as complying with the management system standards: ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 (21 February 2024 – 20 February 2027)

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