International student symposium

XXI Student Scientific Symposium

The department of scientific-applied research with the help of the student association is organizing a student scientific methodological symposium “Academic Objectives of Youth: Insights into Economics, Management, Law and Technology 2024”, which takes place at Lithuania Business College in spring.

The event will be held live and through the Google meet platform. Each participant will be given the opportunity to participate live in the event and remotely.

2024 April 26 11:00-17:00 / Klaipėda.

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The aim of the symposium is to stimulate the interest of young people in economic, management and technological innovations, to develop the competencies of student researchers.

Submission of articles is open. (until May 6’th, 2024) (inclusive) at [email protected]

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International symposium Presentation Language: English, Presentation Slides: English.
Registration for the symposium runs until April 1’st 2024.
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* Maximum student presentation time is 10 mins.