Lithuania Business College signed a cooperation agreement with Purdue Northwest University (USA)

The Lithuania Business College is expanding the circle of international social partners. 🤩 The cooperation agreement was signed by Initiative by the founder of the College, Prof. Dr. Angelė Lileikienė and Lithuania Business College Honorary Doctor Professor Prof. Dr. Cyril Pat Obi Long Term Cooperation. Lithuania Business College Honorary Doctor Prof. Dr. Cyril Pat Obi Auditorium was opened for the professor’s special contribution to the history, scientific and educational activities of the College. Increasing the name and awareness of the college in the international space. The signing of this cooperation agreement is a great achievement in the history of the College in the development of international cooperation outside the EU countries. This cooperation will be beneficial to both higher education institutions in various aspects, by cooperating in international projects, developing applied scientific research and jointly preparing international scientific articles, conducting trainings and seminars on an international scale and developing other international activities. We hope for mutually beneficial and constructive cooperation.☺️