• All personnel policy is strongly orientated to the user, it encourages communication, increases activity, helps to keep high moral and feel tight connection with the firm itself.
  • Employment (CV, request, work agreement).
  • Management of employees personal files.
  • Work time accounting of the working personnel.
  • Management of correspondence.
  • Employee meeting organization, organizational activity.
  • Tracking of the rulings and normative documentation of the government.
  • Organization of internal and external connections.
  • Employee qualification rise – the philosophy of Customer Service.



  • Is designed to keeping accounting correct.
  • Collecting information and processing it, controlling activity of the firm, covering expenses and getting profit for further development and improvement and meeting the requirements of the client.
  • All operations are added to the common register and financial accounts.
  • Pays accounts for buyable goods, post and public utilities.
  • Performs payments to the budget and other national institutions.
  • Controls payment terms.
  • Makes work payment accounting and pay-offs.
  • Manages long term property accounting.
  • Validates bank accounts, tracks exchange rates.
  • Makes working accountability tables, balance, profit (loss) reports.



  • This department connects integral companies and its partners business management philosophy, strategy and tactics by helping them meet certain needs of particular customers.
  • Market research.
  • Formation and advertising society opinions about the firm and its services.
  • Creation of catalogs and leaflets.
  • Compilation of business plan.
  • Service advertising.



  • This department teaches how to organize necessary raw materials,  various techniques, technologies, other goods and services, purchasing and selling.
  • Investigate the demand of goods and services for the firm.
  • Selects suppliers.
  • Setting service price, payment and delivery terms.
  • Management of sales documents.
  • Ordering and managing catalogs.
  • Management of purchase documents.
  • Fills customs documents.
  • Performs resource control operations.
  • Controls receivable and sellable goods.
  • Replies to received letters of business partners, writes claims and complaints.