We, the Lithuania Business College (LBC), are proud of our students!

We want each student to obtain high-quality studies, as well as knowledge and skills, which would be applied in contemporary rapidly changing labor market of Lithuania and abroad. LBC is a close-knit community, which knows each of its students; so, if a student faces any challenge, we always try together to find the best, optimal and advantageous solution for the student. We want the educational process at our Institute to be highly-qualitative, creative and provide practical benefit for our students; so, we invite lecturers-practitioners and specialists in their own field to join our community, create optimal groups, so our students could absorb educational material as soon as possible and obtain practical skills, as well as give our students the chance to study and practice at international market. The studies, which students of LBC obtain, are not only of high-quality and adapted to labor market, but they also give ample opportunities for students to spend their free time purposefully, joyfully and comprehensively. LBC hosts different scientific, recreational, creative and sporting events, as well as organise trips and excursions; there are also different clubs and circles working, which unite like-minded students.

The graduates of LBC obtain professional bachelor’s degrees and receive professional bachelor’s diplomas. Students, who have completed a professional bachelor’s degree, have a right to enrol in postgraduate studies (Master’s degree) at high schools of Lithuania or other countries.

The study process at LBC is controlled by the Deputy Director for Studies; issues of implementation of practical study programs, as well as control of implementation of methodological study programs are controlled by the Study DepartmentThe Department of International Affairs and Projects helps students to gain international study experience by means of Erasmus+ programme and controls other programs. The Department Heads, supervising study programs, provide students with detailed information about the chosen study program, its subjects and career opportunities.

The documents, governing studies at LBC, are listed in the section Documents.

A responsible worker of LBC will provide its students with detailed information on certain study-related questions.

For more information please contact:

Žilvinas Jauga, 202 room.

Head of International Relations and Projects Department
Email: [email protected]
Phone +370 46 314 320

Egita Vilkaitienė, 106 room.

Administrator of the Department of Studies

Email: [email protected]
Phone +370 60 973 566

Assoc. prof. dr. Kristina Puleikienė, 103 room.

Deputy Director for Studies and Quality

Email: [email protected]
Phone +370 46 311 099

Assoc. prof. Rasa Romerytė-Šereikienė, 304 room.
Practice Supervisor
Email: [email protected]
Phone +370 46 311 099