“Choose Klaipėda” Event

“Choose Klaipėda” Leadership platform represented by LTVK (Lithuanian Business University of Applied Sciences) together with KLAS is inviting YOU to two-days event “Jaunimas – Jaunimui” + “Aš esu LYDERIS” mokymų ciklą (EN: “Youth to Youth” powered by the cycle of leadership seminars “I am a LEADER”), which will happen online on November 27th and 28th.

⚡️During this event (on the first day), you will find out more about leadership, how to become a leader, and what are the most important leaders’ mistakes. At the same time (on the first and second day), you will have a chance to participate in contest/ different workshops and solve Klaipeda youth organizations + business/ start-ups (created by young professionals) problems. The list of companies and associations will be available soon. Finally, you will know how to generate and identify the problem and target market, create Business Model Canvas, and pitch recommendations to the panel in the most effective way.
💡You can register individually or together with your team. If you register individually, teams will be formed at the beginning of the event on 11.27. Registration is open until 11.23. Link: https://rb.gy/rhlp7b
📝When you register, you will receive confirmation and further instructions on this event.
🏆Each of the participants will get a special “I am a LEADER” package (full of “Choose Klaipėda” and KLAS gifts). As well as, the top three teams will get extra valuable prizes!!!
🥇1st place (which provide the best solution to your problems) – special gifts from this event sponsor + invitations to cinema and theatre
🥈2nd place – special prize introduced by “Choose Klaipėda” Leadership platform + invitations to cinema and theatre
🥉3rd place – special prize introduced by KLAS + invitations to cinema and theatre
We are looking forward to having you in this amazing two-day experience. This event is not the same without YOU. See you soon!
IMPORTANT note: Leadership seminars will be in LITHUANIAN language. Organizers will make sure that workshops and pitch will happen in both languages (according to your preferences).