Cooperation agreement signed with the Active Rehabilitation Association

2020 September 25 Deputy Director for Studies and Quality of Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences Assoc. Kristina Puleikienė and Vitalijus Žurkelio, the director of the Active Rehabilitation Association “Judėjime kartu” (eng. “Let’s move together”), signed a cooperation agreement.

The purpose of the agreement is to cooperate in improving the teaching process and training of specialists, organizing professional development for specialists, organizing scientific-practical conferences, seminars, conducting applied research, conducting student internships, initiating project activities.

The goal of the active rehabilitation association “Judėjime kartu” (eng. “Let’s move together”): to help people with acquired disabilities that occur due to environmental influences, it can be a person of any age who has suffered an accident, trauma or due to illness.

We hope for a successful and harmonious cooperation!