International Social Entrepreneurship Competition

We share moments from the International Social Entrepreneurship Competition held on April 22-23, which was implemented by the leadership platform of the project “Klaipeda – European Youth Capital 2021”, coordinated by the Lithuanian Business University of Applied Sciences, together with the international social innovation and entrepreneurship program “ChangeMakersOn”.During the event, young people had the opportunity to hear messages from strong specialists from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania:
“(How to) Become The Change You WantTo See In The World” (Simona Šimulytė – Lithuania), “Who is a social entrepreneur?” (Tuuli Parenson – Estonia), “Social Business Canva” (SimonasVakaris Savickas – Lithuania), “How to pitch?” (Salvis Roga – Latvia).
After two days of intensive work, the young people shared their ideas on social business and took the opportunity to develop and develop further with the help of project mentors (Mentors were from Ukraine, Mauritius, Bulgaria, Germany and Lithuania).
Third place winners – team “Loko” won LighthouseFlex membership + social business gift voucher (value 100 euros) and attributes established by Choose Klaipeda Leadership Platform.
Second place winners – “Fetile bin” won Lighthouse 2-hour mentoring (Founder Lighthouse) + social business gift voucher (value 150 euros), and Choose KlaipėdaLeadership platform attribute + (Additional prize established ChangeMakersOn) International business mentoring program in selected foreign country for up to 3 months.
First place winners – team “Be mindful” won the International business mentoring program in a selected foreign country for up to 6 months. (Founder ChangeMakersOn) + social business gift voucher (Value 200 euros) and Choose Klaipeda Leadership platform attributes.


Photocredits: Aleksandra Lobaškova
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