Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences reduced the study fee for Belarusian students

Supporting people of Belarus , Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences (LTVK) has decided to reduce Bachelor’s study fee for Belarusian students by 50 % for the entire study period. There is an opportunity to study from the first year of studies or transfer Belarusian studies to Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences. LTVK provides full time studies for Belarusian students in English. Bachelor degree professional qualification awarded by Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences is recognised not only in Lithuania but in all Europe Union.

Entrants will be able to apply for studies with 50 percent reduced tuition fee until December 15.

Beginning of studies – 1st February 2021.

For year 2020 LBUAS offers these study programmes:

  • Smart Management
  • Tourism and entertainment business industry
  • Sales and Logistics Management
  • Applied informatics and Programming

It is the purpose of Lithuania Business University to ensure that students not only acquire as much work experience as possible, which is required in professional activities, but also the newest theoretical knowledge.

In Lithuania Business university lecture teachers who are professionals and practitioners in their own fields. In LTVK lecture lawyers, legal experts, specialists of banks, finance and audit department managers, marketing and sales department managers, programming specialists, web developers, business owners, athletes, event organizers, forwarding agents of logistics etc.

In Lithuania Business University students are particularly encouraged to be initiative, active, enterprising and internationally minded.

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