LTVK teachers visit under the Erasmus+ exchange program

On September 19-25, 2016 teachers of Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences traveled to Szent István University (Gödöllő, Hungary) under the Erasmus + teacher exchange program.

On November 24 – 30 the Baltic International Academy staff delegation: lecturer Rimma Dudareva, administrators Kristina Kirejeva, Darja Mitinska visited Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences. During the visit a lecturer Rimma Dudareva gave lectures on rhetoric to LTVK students.

On October 28 – November 3 LTVK three-member team, the director prof. dr. Angele Lileikienė, the Head of Marketing Modestas Vaiksnoras and the Head of International Relations and Projects Department Algina Vainilavičienė join the delegation of Lithuanian higher education institutions and the Lithuanian education and studies foundation to participate in the presentation at the exhibition of opportunities of higher education studies and in the contact seminar in Amman, Jordan about opportunities of the Erasmus + program.

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