Pancake Day was held at the University

“Pancakes day” is a traditional event of the Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences, during which LBUAS Erasmus+ exchange program students are introduced to Lithuanian traditions and the whole community celebrates the Mardi Gras holiday. 🥞🧇

Mardi Gras is a celebration of the end of winter and the welcome of spring. For Christians, it is the eve of Lent, the pre-Easter period of fasting and penitence. A. J. Greimas wrote: “Under the influence of Christianity, Mardi Gras became a movable day, previously it was celebrated at the time of the spring equinox. Around that time, the young crescent moon that appeared heralded the beginning of the New Year.” In many countries they are celebrated as carnival. 😊 Lithuanian Mardi Gras is a tradition of the oldest rites and games, during which you meet spirits of the dead and deities of nature. The university community celebrated this holiday by feasting on self-baked pancakes.😊