XVIII’th International methodical students conference and social entrepreneurship competition

We invite students to participate in XVIIIth International methodical students conference: “Academic Aspirations Of Youth: Insights In Economy, Management, Law And Technologies” by applying their research papers and preparing presentations. The conference will take place this year on April 23rd.

Information about conference.


However, year 2021 is quite special for Klaipėda, the hometown of the Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences (LBUAS). This year Klaipėda is the European Youth Capital! On this special occasion LBUAS is holding an “International Social Entrepreneurship Competition” together with its annual XVIIIth International Students conference. The participants of both, the competition and the conference will be able to attend both parts of this event, completely free of charge


Considering the global pandemic, both parts of the event will be held completely remotely on “google meet” platform, guaranteeing each participant a remote, online participation in the event.


Both parts of the event will take place during the 22nd and 23rd of April, with “XVIII International Students Conference” being held on 23rd of April and “International Social Entrepreneurship Competition” on both 22nd and 23rd of April.

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences that coordinates the Leadership platform of European Youth Capital 2021 invites you to an international social entrepreneurship competition combined with XVIII International students conference on 22-23rd of April 2021! Let’s create a social impact together!


During this event you will participate in the seminars and workshops with the best speakers and social entrepreneurship practitioners from Tallinn (Estonia), Helsinki (Finland), Liepaja (Latvia), and Kaliningrad (Russia). At the same time,  you will have a great opportunity to develop your social business idea and present it in the final pitch to the panel.



  1. Fill in the registration form (solo or as a team) here. Deadline for the registration is 1st of April 2021.
  2. If you don’t have a social business idea, please indicate that you want to find a team which you can join. Before the event participants (who don’t have teams) will receive an email where they choose the topic. Organizers will find the best match with a team and all participants will be connected to the groups before the event so that they could start working together and get ready for the competition.
  3. Participants receive mentorship and skill development while working on their business solutions during the competition.




1’st place – gift coupon from the “Social enterprise” (200 Euro) + Choose Klaipeda gift pack.

2’nd place – gift coupon from the “Social enterprise” (100 Eur) + Choose Klaipeda gift pack

3’rd place – gift coupon from the “Social enterprise” (50 Eur) + Choose Klaipeda gift pack