Erasmus+ Staff Week 2024 events have ended at the Lithuania Business College

Today, the last day of the Erasmus+ Staff Week 2024 started at the College. The day started with the lecture of the College’s partners for students “Medical Image Analysis using Artificial Intelligence: Current Status and Future Directions” Assoc. prof. Dr. Maleika Heenaye-Mamode Khan, University of Mauritius, Mauritius. Participants of Erasmus+ Staff Week 2024 were ceremoniously awarded Erasmus+ certificates. The last day of the Erasmus+ Staff Week 2024 was crowned by an exceptional event, the director of the Lithuania Business College Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jurgita Martinkienė, signed the cooperation agreement of international social partners together with Prof. Dr. Taras Rak, Doctor of technical sciences (Information technology), IT STEP University Professor, Vice-rector, Ukraine. This cooperation agreement will open wide opportunities for international research activities between the partner institutions. This Erasmus+ Staff Week 2024 only once again strengthened the strong cooperation ties between the College and partner institutions. We thank all participants of Erasmus+ Staff Week 2024 and see you in the future. Freedom to become visionaries!☺️

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