LBUAS Erasmus + and International students attention! Coronavirus pandemic situation!

According to the official decision of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on the Coronavirus pandemic situation in Lithuania, the education, training and study process in all educational institutions are temporarily stopped: universities, universities of applied sciences and schools, day and employment centers, kindergartens, non-formal education institutions.

According to the official decision from March 16 to March 27,  there will be no physical lectures or any type of physical consultations allowed at the university at the Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences (LBUAS).

THE STUDY PROCESS WILL NOT BE STOPPED. For the full-time international students and Erasmus students classes will continue by online using the Moodle platform, Skype and Google meet from March 16 to March 27  (till revocation or extension of a decision).

Full-time international students and Erasmus students must stay at the dormitory and not go in other countries or cities at this time.

Classes time does not change! All classes will continue by approved and valid schedule, but it will be continue by online.

In the classes schedules will include a Teacher’s Skype name or Google meet link for each subject, this means that student must connect and attend the class by online at the time from schedule. If the student will not connect the classes by online it will be treated as non-attendance at the lecture.

Teachers will move all classes materials and self-study assignments to students on the Moodle distance learning platform. Tests, self-study presentations and etc. are irrevocable and will take place by Schedule using Skype, Google meet or the Moodle distance learning platform.

There will be a consultation time schedule for consultations about learning materials and self-study assignments. Teachers consultation times will be published in Moodle and under “Schedules”. Students who have not yet joined the Moodle distance learning platform will need to contact the LBUAS Distance Learning Coordinator by email. Please email us at [email protected] with a request to create a user account and specify which items you wish to be assigned to.

If you have any questions, please contact the administration of the Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences by e-mail, phone or other means of communication on the website.

According to the official decision, all mass indoor events are cancelled within the specified period.  It is also advisable to refuse travel, leisure and entertainment. To go to the following countries is forbidden: China, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, France, Spain and all Italy. The events planned for March at the Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences will not take place and will be transferred (follow the information on our website, FB account and your personal emails).

Dear students, we must take exceptional precautions in relation to the current situation, to protect ourselves and surrounding people. Everything that is done is for your and surrounding people safety and to stabilize the current situation. Let’s stay healthy!

Sincerely, Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences