Visit to Portugal under the Erasmus + Exchange Program

Visit of a lecturer at the Department of Management and a Head of International Relations and Projects in Portugal under the Erasmus + Exchange Program.

From October 23-27 of 2017, Indre Razbadauskaite-Venske, lecturer in the Department of Management of the Lithuanian Business College, and Samanta StraupaitÄ—, head of the International Relations and Projects Department, traveled to the Portuguese Polytechnic Institute of Santarem according to the Erasmus + teaching and training exchange programs and participated in the 5th International week.During the International week, they participated in the icebreaking classroom: “Who am I? Where I come from?”, Seminars: “International Projects: Why We Need to Do It?”, “Different Culture / Different Behavior”, “Funding opportunities: how we do it ? “,” The voice of an expert: Norwegian partner university “,” Cooperation with the Latin-American and Asian institutions and networks “,” Cooperation under the scope of ICM “,” Portuguese Agency of Cooperation “,” Leigos para o Desenvolvimento ” .The tutor IndrÄ— Razbadauskaite-Venske read a lecture on “Managing image of the organization”, became familiar with the institute’s higher education system, and had the opportunity to communicate with students and lecturers: Nuno Santos Jorge, George Camacho and Joan Senent.During the visit, relations were established with the universities of Poland, Latvia, Norway and Germany on Erasmus + exchange cooperation between the institutions.
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