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LTVK FOCUS projekto komanda dalinasi gera naujiena – jau nuo balandžio 5 dienos startuoja pirmasis kursas – „Hospitality“.

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Kurso anotacija: this course will introduce to the specialty area of hospitality business. You will learn about basic industry challenges and current trends in hospitality, tourism, recreation, restaurants, hotels and special events. You will gain an understanding of the foundation skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in the world’s largest industry. The course introduces students to the history and main characteristics of the hospitality industry, such as main sectors and services, customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations, communication aspects in a cultural diversity of this industry. You will also gain an understanding of the relationship between the hospitality industry and the tourism sector, will be informed about the trends of this challenging industry as well as gain an overview of the different skills needed for a career in the hospitality industry. Opportunities to explore specific industry segments in more depth are offered through videos with hospitality professionals.