Vadyba / Journal of Management (ISSN 1648-7974)

Vadyba/Journal of Management is the international, peer-reviewed scientific journal is published by Lithuania Business College, the leading institution of research in business management, economics and technology in Lithuania.

The aim of the journal is to promote exchange in scientific knowledge by publishing scientific articles in social sciences areas: management and administration, business studies, h the business, its infrastructure, regional development  fields.

Frequency. Journal is published twice a year: in May and October.

Language of the article – English.

Indexing. The journal is indexed by the international databases: EBSCO, IndexCopernicus, CEEOL.


Journal issue (Vol 40, No. 1) has been released
The next issue of the Journal (Vol. 40, No. 2) will be released in September 2024.
Please, provide the articles before 15’th of September 2024.
Vadyba / Journal of Management  (print)  ISSN 1648-7974/ (online) ISSN 2424-399X
Responsible editor: Prof. dr. (HP) Valentinas Navickas, Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)

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Journal editorial office
Vadyba/ Journal of Management

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Klaipeda, LT- 91249

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Doc. dr. Jurgita Martinkienė

Lithuania Business College

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Phone: +370 46 311 099
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