Unusual guests at LBUAS

Last week LTVK had an amazing guest Professors from the US and Europe’s leading universities (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, North Macedonia, Latvia and etc.).

During the visit all the guests were introduced with the history of Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences, study programs, events, social partners and etc. LTVK students, community and guests had an amazing opportunity to hear a lecture “Modern economy; Economic development and perspectives” from Prof. Dr. Pat Obi and Prof. Dr. Casimir C. Barczyk from Purdue University, US! Also guests had an opportunity to get to know better not only LTVK but also the history of Klaipėda and development in business sector, guests visited one of the biggest coworking spaces in the Baltic countries – “LightHouse”. It’s always a pleasure to represent Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences and Klaipėda to the International guests!
All meetings photo You can find in a LBUAS gallery.
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